About Gitte

Magnify Your Soul's Work

Some women just want to be normal.

Some women just want to own their power and be their true self. 

Some women want an academic career.

Some women want to build business empires.

And then there are women, like me (like you?), that are irresistibly called to do their Soul's Work and have magnificent impact and magnificent success doing it.

Our kind of woman knows that doing our Soul's Work is paramount and that the more we do of it, the more everyone everywhere benefits. 

Our kind of woman cares, and cares deeply, and the more of our bright Soul's Work we bring to the world, the more we can help people and the better the whole world will be.

You: Powerful Woman

You: Healer, Coach, Therapist, Teacher

You: Wisdomkeeper, Wayshower, Wise Woman

You: Spiritual Entrepreneur and Soul-preneur

I invite you to take your Soul's Work to it's true magnificence.

I'm Gitte and this is my story.

It's my great passion and joy in life to help people bring their Souls' Work to the fullest and most magnificent expression, to impeccable impact and phenomenal success.

I have a very specific psychic ability that allows me to recognize the energetic signature of your Soul's Work and use it to pinpoint the exact nature of it, the exact form and the exact actions that will make it happen fastest and most effortlessly. 

My almost 30 years of experience and expertise encompass the whole range from the most grounded to the highest spiritual, from the most practical business and marketing advice through holistic codependence healing to the most esoteric multi-dimensional reality.  

I'm relentless with my clients. I see them and I don't accept them hiding.

This is what I'm doing now but of course this is not how it started. 

I used to be the victim-est of victims, feeling powerless, having zero self-esteem and all that goes with it. (I'm sure you know all about what that is like so I won't go into details.)

About 30 years ago I set out to change myself and with a lot of emotional healing work, codependence recovery and shadow work, I ended up feeling confident and powerful as my normal state of being. In fact, pretty much the opposite of what I used to feel like. 

And did I ever make myself a great life that I loved to live, just like I'd made myself into a person loved to be.

Now this is where my story really starts because, while I'm sure my journey from victim to empowered is interesting, it's not at all unusual. So many people have travelled that journey that being empowered has become the new normal.

My real story about my Soul's Work starts a few years back when I noticed myself feeling rather 'meh' about the work I loved and believed in the utter importance of - and yet, no longer did it light a fire in me. 

I felt unexcited about getting out of bed in the morning. Restless. Ready to drop everything and start a new life. 

In fact, I experienced most of the 34 signs that your Soul's Work is (still) calling you!

And truth is, I had not just stagnated, I'd started to slide backwards.

I had stalled in my personal transformation. 

And therefore everything else in my life had stalled too. 

A series of events over the next a couple of years - including leading a magical, mystical retreat to sacred sites in England and coming home with the The Morrigan, Celtic goddess of empowerment, sovereignty and magic - resulted in an intense and profound death and rebirth, a deep metamorphosis, and an emergence of an entirely new me.

And I came out of it with a new life purpose and a new psychic ability: to pinpoint the exact nature of other people's Soul's Work and to be a 'psychic success coach', helping my clients amplify their Soul's Work for deep fulfillment, profound impact and exceptional success. 

(Interestingly, I've circled around being a success coach for almost 30 years, always doing a bit of it with a few cliens, a few classes, a few mastermind groups and always knowing it wasn't my purpose in life. Until, suddenly, it was!)

Here're some more relevant facts about me:

  • I've known since 1991 that my purpose in life was to be a powerful healer / coach / counselor. Except for now it's this: Helping people bring their exact Soul's Work to it's fullest impact and success.
  • In the 90s I worked as a massage therapist specialing in emotional healing thorugh bodywork while healing my own codependence. (I've by now learned about 10 bodyword modalities and 5-6 emotional healing modalities.)
  • I also, at that time dabbled on astrology, card readings, energy healing, flower essences, codependence and business consulting. 
  • My own transformation and growth involved visiting power places to boost my personal transformation. I loved these trips and today I get to be the one leading people on this kind of experience. 
  • I worked as a channel during 1999, and what always came through was my customers highest potential.
  • And because I saw that without first healing their codependence they would never get there, I started a codependence counseling practice. Becuse, believe you me, I was an expert on codependence and what it took to recover from it. 
  • I offered courses in mulitdimensional codependence recovery
  • I co-founded and co-ran a school of bodymind healing where I taught the classes related to personal transformation for many years
  • I'm also psychic in other significant way: I can read the energy of power places and sacred sites, which means I can ensure the highest sacred magnificent experience for my clients.  
  • I've been known to channel the Celtic goddess The Morrigan.

And some fun facts:

  • I'm Danish. I lived in Iceland for a total of 20 years. I now live in Florence, Italy. 
  • My first education is a master's degree in geophysics. I used it to do research on volcanic earthquakes in Iceland. 
  • I'm a great fan of Waldorf schools and pedagogy, although not all the philosophical teachings behind it. 
  • I knit.
  • I love cats more than dogs.
  • I love public speaking.

© Gitte Lassen 2018