Illuminate Your Soul's Work

Have you felt or heard the call of your Soul? 

Calling you to stop what you are doing and walk a new path in life?

Maybe it happened to you a long time ago.

Maybe it's happening now. 

Or maybe you just yearn to do your Souls' Work instead of going through the motions of living, working...

Your Soul's Work is sacred work.

Your Soul's Work is a sacred trust.

I'm not the first person to talk about your Soul's Work. 

And you are not the first person feeling and following the call of your Soul.

But here's the thing:

Your Soul's Work has a very specific energy signature and very few people have the ability to read it. 

In fact, I know of only one other person besides me who can do it. 

And so unless you know how to recognize that specific energy signature, you might be close to your Soul's Work. Or you might still be circling, seeking, searching, asking (the wrong) people.

People love the idea of their Soul's Work and feel the call... but until they pinpoint the exact nature of it, they will still feel restless and deep-down-not-quite-right. 

And even more, they struggle to find success OR they feel not quite at ease with their success knowing - knowing - they are not doing quite the right thing.

Your Soul's Work has nothing to do with your ego, or your gifts (although they are helpful for doing your Soul's Work), or your education, or even your desires and dreams for your life. 

When I pinpoint the exact nature of your Soul's Work you'll KNOW the rightness of it, you will FEEL the rightness of it in way that leaves you with zero doubts.

Take a look below at what it has been like for other people here below or go right ahead and book yourself a time for a Soul's Work session.



"Illuminating your Soul's Work is Gitte's own sacred mission and - wow! is she gifted in this. I came to our session with various ideas of what my work is about that I had gathered over the years.  

In a very short time Gitte was able to tease apart a very precise and powerful picture of my Soul's Work that elicited wave after wave of goosebumps in me - indications that my Spirit was on board and wanting me to pay attention!  

By session's end, I had a clear direction for where to focus my work and a sense of calm, rightness, and respect for the sacred trust I've been given. I don't know that I would have ever seen the bigger picture that is possible for me without her guidance.  

The potential is huge, the challenge is humbling, and I trust in the unfolding of my Soul's Work that I will have what it takes to teach others the wisdom I'm here to share."  

Daria Howell

“Gitte is an excellent listener & powerful empath. It’s clear that she has carefully honed her unique guidance method during her long career. Her questions are always direct, thought-provoking & sensitive. 

She tuned in completely & allowed me to talk out my new ideas before sharing with me what she had intuited as I spoke. 

During our work together, she picked up on symbols, words & ideas which I’ve been recently recording in my private journals as I step fully onto my mystic path. 

I enjoyed exploring other realms with her while simultaneously staying grounded in practical marketing & business strategies. 

I highly recommend Gitte to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level by pinpointing their soul's work & discovering what powerful forms it can take in the world.”  

Elizabeth des Roches, Conscious Creatrix ♥

"For many years I’ve floated through life not really knowing what I was meant to do. Many things felt right for a while but then just didn’t work out. 

Eventually I found Gitte or should I say Gitte found me. With her power of observation and connection to the magic realm (that’s what it felt like at the time) Gitte was able to help me understand what my soul really wants to do. Since then I have felt much happier within myself and finally feel as if I have a clear purpose in life. 

Do yourself a favor and go through this process with Gitte."

Elisa Simone

“I felt happy and light after our session. I felt confirmed in what I knew about myself while being lifted into something new that was not as alive yet but existed as a seed within me, not yet unfolded.  

I felt happiness throughout the following week, thinking about it and feeling it to be my gift to the world. I feel more free, more light and more open to what form my Soul’s Work might take.”

Mehar Kempel 

"Working with Gitte gave me an intimate moment with my soul. Gradually I understood what my great passion in life is and finally sensed how I can move forward with my gifts. For me this whole knowing about my soul´s purpose is crucial for having a meaningful life." 

© Gitte Lassen 2019