ONLY €6.95*

A workbook to Amplify & Magnify your Soul's Work

Take your Soul's Work to its ultimate magnificent expression with the help of this workbook.

  • From writing lists to making Vision Boards...
  • from facing fear to planning action steps...
  • from forgiving yourself to giving yourself permission to succeed...
  • from bringing closure to last year to consciously, and courageously, creating next year...
  • from getting it all off your chest to dreaming a new vision alive...
  • this workbook covers every aspect of creating success when you do your Soul's Work.

ONLY €6.95*

* This low price reflects that printing is not included and that you'll receive this workbook as a pdf file. But I do think you and your Soul's Work deserve to have it professionally printed. Printing is really quick and inexpensive these days and I've included instructions for the printer.


See inside

The sample pages shown here are favorites of early workbook owners.

But these are just a few sample pages out of 70+ pages. 

Each page is specifically created to help you take your Soul's Work to the next level.

ONLY €6.95

There is power in writing things down.  

There is power in play and creativity.  

There is power in taking a look inside yourself.  

There is power in envisioning a future of your dreams.  

There is power in structured thinking.  

There is power, a lot of it, in writing down your goals and coming back to them over and over again.  

This workbook was created to harness that power.  

May you use it well and may it propel you on your sacred journey to amplify and magnify your Soul’s Work!

About Gitte Lassen


Gitte Lassen is a gifted guide to success for women committed to the most magnificent expression of their Soul’s Work.  

With over 25 years experience in codependence counseling, somatic healing, success coaching and channeling as well as having creating several successful business, Gitte's wealth of information, experience and wisdom is put to the service of her clients.

With crystal clarity and relentless truth-speaking, she makes sure her clients stay aligned with their Soul in everything they do.  

And with her ability to read the energetic signature of your Soul’s Work, she’s able to confidently take you on the shortest path to deep fulfillment, profound impact, and exceptional success.