Online program to take your Soul's Work to the next level 

Follow your Soul's path to the most magnificent expression of your Soul's Work.


Your Soul's Path to success is not...

  •  your mind's path
  •  your ego's path
  •  your business coach's path
  •  or even my path

And it is not...

  •  proven methods
  •  "follow these steps to guaranteed success"
  •  what the gurus have done
  •  cookie cutter formulas

Because your Soul's Work is not just any kind of work.

And the sacred success of your Soul's Work is not just any kind of success.

Your Soul's Path to success is the shortest, fastest and most empowering path to success.

It is recognized by your Soul's Work very specific energetic signature. 

Your Soul is divine and sacred.

Your Soul's Work is sacred work.

Success from doing your Soul's Work is Sacred Success.

Join the

Sacred Success 

8 months mastermind program

What do you struggle with?

  • Wondering if your work is really your Soul's Work?
  • Exactly how to present Soul's Work?
  • Holding yourself back?
  • Never run a business before?
  • How best to market yourself?
  • Difficulties making your visions manifest?
  • Sabotaging yourself?
  • Feeling lost, uncertain and unsupported?

You've heard the call of your Soul's Work.

You've followed it.

You trusted that if you did what you loved - because you deeply, truly love your Soul's Work - the money would follow.

You trusted that if you 'build it, they would come'. 

But it wasn't that easy, was it?

Then you signed up with a business coach, or a marketing program, or both. 

Did it get better?


But did it leave you with a sense of 'integrity lost'?

Do you now have to push yourself to make it happen?

Do you have to push harder and harder?

"For some reason my business suddenly started blooming like never before - and I cannot deny the fact that it must have something to do with Gitte and her spirit."

G. H. J.


What you need is someone who...

  • Can recognize the energetic signature of your Soul's Work
  • Can tell you whether you are on or off your Soul's Path to success
  • Has an in-depth knowledge of business and marketing tactics and strategies
  • Thinks outside the box 
  • Can quickly and efficiently get the mindset work done
  • Understands the metaphysics of success
  • Coach you from inside your world instead from inside her world
  • Does not hesitate to direct and, if needs be, to kick your butt


"Gitte's coaching lights a fire in everyone who receives it. My team members hang on Gitte's every word... and then go out and take inspired action."

Lilja Oddsdóttir,

What makes Gitte different?

Gitte has a master's degree in geophysics which means she is highly trained in logical thinking and pattern recognition. 

She has worked with emotional healing and codependence counseling for 25+ years and has a deep and profound understanding of all mindset problems.

For the last 18 years, she has been focused on women's empowerment and transformation through one-on-one work, lectures, workshops and retreats.

Gitte is deeply spiritual and committed to following her own Soul's Path and never ever hesitates in taking leap of faith when she is being asked to, no matter how insane it looks. (It often does!)

She has studied success for almost 30 years and spend the last 8 years learning modern marketing and busines building skills.

Gitte is highly intuitive, a psychic, and an energy reader and channels feedback and information when needed.

What's my investment? 

How much time and effort have you alrady spend with too little results, too little success? How lost have you felt not knowing what was the right thing to do and therefore done nothing? How much money have you spend learning business and marketing techniques and formulas that has sometimes left you with a bad taste in the mouth because the tiny little lies and lack of 100% integrity, all excused in the name of efficiency? How disappointed have you been with previous coaches and mastermind programs because your coach didn't get you? 

What you'll get

Bi-weekly coaching calls

Monthly Get-It-Done workshops

Secret Facebook group

Twice a month, we'll meet for coaching call where you'll take turns having a lovelight shone on you.

Each of you will receive personal coaching from and additional support from the other members.

Distractions and procrastiantion, perfectionism and lack of clarity, overwhelm and uncertainty... 

All of these are reasons why we will have scheduled Get-It-Done workshops. 

Group work and solo work as is appropriate. 

Our very own private community for getting daily feedback, to ask me questions, to have resources recommended and to be held accountable.

This is truly women supporting women in making their dreams come true. 

Bonus x 2

Illuminate Your Soul's Work reading

Treasury Archives

To ensure that you are on track and completely aligned, I bonus you with a reading to pinpoint the exact nature of your Soul's Work. 

Value €500

Access to all my programs and teaching material. A treasure trove of deeply transformational content.

Value €1000 

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