Sacred Self Retreat in Italy

A * Magical * Mystical * Powerful * Transformational Retreat for Conscious and Sensitive Women.

When was the last time you had time...

... to take a break from everything

... just to be with yourself

... to reconnect deeply with yourself? 

... to deeply relax into the eternal now? 

... to immerse yourself in deep nurturing of yourself? 

... to let your inner truth emerge? 

It's time to treat yourself.

You've worked and battled - and been victorious.

You've struggled and fought - and won.

You've served and given - and been appreciated.

You've sacrificed and put yourself last - and been loved.

You've taken care of business and figured things out - and made it all work.

You've stumbled and doubted - and given your all.

You've worried and striven for excellence - and persisted.

You've tried so hard and failed - and succeeded.

You deserve time to renew and reset!


The view

The paths

It's time to loose yourself in the magnificent views... and find your real self again.

It's time to walk the beautiful paths... and walk right back home into youself again.

The grass

The sun

It's time to lie in the grass... and remember what life is about.

It's time to let the sun shine on you - and rediscover the lightness of being and the sheer joy of life.

What former participants say

“Some of the changes I noticed in myself after returning from the Sacred Self retreat with Gitte and Joan, is that I feel much calmer, I trust life more, I’ve let go of fear. I actually surprised myself with my lack of freaking out when I was faced with delayed income. I found in myself, at the retreat, an inner calm that is following me everywhere as a confidence that no matter what happens, I can handle it. I’ve been telling my friends about it, how wonderful and awesome it was, oh wow, so wonderful, so amaaaazing, magical it was… and when I do, I find myself right back there. I’ve also let go of my grown children, so strange to notice I don’t feel responsible for them anymore. It’s a great freedom and relief. I’m also letting myself be the goddess I discovered in myself at the retreat. I never much accepted myself as a woman before, I was more in my masculine energy. Now, I dress feminine, I embrace that I’m a woman, I long to be that woman. And then I have much more respect for myself, for my truth and know it to be equal to other people’s truth. I feel strong, strong in a very grounded way.” (Sif Svavarsdottir)


“Wow! I went through so many changes at the retreat, learned so much about myself and discovered a warrior-ess inside myself that had been dormant until then. Coming home, I found myself so detached from people’s reactions to me and my truth. It felt wonderful, like freedom, a great relief. I felt confident speaking my truth, taking a stand, a very calm strength. I even found my voice. It was strong and powerful and until the retreat I had mostly spoken so softly that people had a hard time hearing me. I also felt myself loving to take my space in life rather than trying to make myself so small that I was mostly invisible. I no longer feel a need to save people and seldom take things personally, which I used to do.” (Thordis)


Deep Peace

Deep Connection

It's time to stop doing and start being, to let go of your life and enter into the eternal bliss of the Now. 

It's time to finally have the space and energy to have a relationship with yourself again, and have the space and energy to deepen it.

Deep Harmony

Deep Rejuvenation

It's time for your body to relax and let go of tension, for your mind to have nothing to figure out, and for your spirit to be refreshed... it's time to arrive in the place of inner harmony.

It's time to nourish your body, to get enough rest, to restore your energy... it's time to be made new again and reborn into a new life. 

What people say about Gitte

“Because this was so beautiful, you became a goddess when you were sharing this information and connecting it with our lives in the present moment… Thank you again for the help for myself, and thank you for allowing me to see that.” (Einar)

“I've considered you to be a true blessing in my life - actually The Blessing - since the first time I met you and you have always been there for me.” (Maria)

“You have no idea how much I want to take off my sweater of inferiority and shyness, I don't want to wear that sweater no more! Thank you, Gitte, for helping me find my new self that has always been there and bring it out." (Anna)


Know Thyself

Magnificent Woman 

Get to know the deepest essence of who you are. In a setting of unconditional love and acceptance, know yourself as you've never known yourself before. 

You are a woman, yes, and you are also a Goddess, a Priestess, a Wild Woman, a Wise Woman. Discover this long buried part of yourself and bring it into the light of your daily life.

Embrace Your Power

Be Reborn

Do you have any idea how truly powerful you are? Both as a human being and as a woman? You are powerful beyond measure, glorious, magnificent, phenomenal. Discover, experience and OWN your full power.

With compassion and understanding, forgiveness and acceptance let past limitations, hurts and pain die. Then, in a sacred circle of magnificent soul sisters, rebirth yourself into who you always wanted to be.

"This is the first time in my life I've ever felt joyful!" (Marteinn)

"I'm happier and more determined to go my way, the way of my heart. Gitte has helped me to connect with myself and to work my way to be the person that I'm destined to be and to stand by myself and be true to my heart. I'm full of energy and all aspects of my life are much better." (Inga)

Here's what you'll get:

Healing Foods

Terra Selvatica is not only a retreat center but an organic farm.

  • Soul Food made by Patricia, our host.
  • Based on the School of Health Mastery's healing diets menu
  • Detox and regeneration of your body
  • All meals made from daily harvested vegetables and fruits
  • Vegetarian dinners
  • Herbal tea from fresh herbs picked on the farm
  • Delicious desserts
  • 3 daily meals
  • Snacks between meals

Healing & Transformation

Daily activities ensure your retreat experience is truly a magical. 

  • A small group makes is possible for you to receive abundant personal attention.
  • Daily Heart Circle - to speak from your heart, to be heard without judgment, to be loved, to be valued and appreciated for exactly who you are.
  • Chakra Power - super charging each chakra so you become so loaded with power and energy that you are ready to shoot for the stars.
  • Bodytalk - connect with your body's innate wisdom and guidance that will show you the way to self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Silence - to just be with yourself, to find serenity, to know your deepest truth.
  • Ceremonies & Rituals - to let go of the things that don't serve you anymore and to let your new life be remade, like the phoenix from the ashes.

Day Tour To Assisi

Terra Selvatica is a short 20 min drive from the home of St. Francis of Assisi.

  • We will visit sacred and spiritual places in and around Assisi to meditate and receive the special energies of each place.
  • St. Francis of Assisi's tomb - this is a tears-in-your-eyes sacred place.
  • The Basilica
  • The Hermitage
  • St. Rufino's cathedral
  • ... and more 
  • And of course, you'll have lots of time to wander around, explore and absorb the atmosphere of this enchanting and magical Italian village.
  • Learn the mindblowing secret of the Franciscan order that no one else knows about.

Gitte Lassen

I'm Gitte Lassen, founder of Revolutionary Self-Love, where I teach whole life success as an expression of Self-Love to women for whom total life success is a spiritual journey of deep personal transformation.  

With crystal clarity, and for more than 25 years, I've guided conscious, sensitive and Highly Sensitive women to become the magnificent, powerful woman they absolutely love to be.  

When women have wondered if this is 'as good as it gets', if this is all there is to themselves and life, if they are feeling lost with themselves and life... I show them how to feel more confident, love themselves, have wonderful relationships and create a life they love to live. I show them how to live full out and fill their life with beauty, joy and love.  

I use a multi-dimensional approach to all the coaching and mentoring I do, from the esoteric to the most solidly physical, from the highest spiritual to the most grounded practical.  

I lead, and have for more than 20 years, Revolutionary Self-Love healing and transformational online programs, live workshops and weeklong retreats.  

Joan Brooks, guest teacher

For almost 20 years, Joan Brooks has worked with women who have experienced sexual (and other) trauma. Joan Brooks is a Body Wisdom and Trauma Healing Master. With 8 years of training, Joan uses the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, working with the person’s own body to find transformational healing.  

Her mission is to help women stop blaming themselves for something they didn’t do, so they can trust themselves and others, set boundaries, and speak their truth. Joan knows, from personal experience and working with her clients, when women heal from sexual trauma, they can stand fully in their power and take their rightful place in the world.  

Through her compassion, presence, training and life experience, she lights the path into and out of the dark, scary places, where their treasures have long been buried. Women who work with her find, perhaps for the first time ever, self-love and confidence, clarity around wants and needs, and the courage to stand up for themselves and speak their truth, without apology.  

Joan wholeheartedly believes that when women heal their dark and wild core, they change the world. 

Wild Earth retreat center

Agriturismo Terra Selvatica, the Wild Earth Retreat Center, is where the Sacred Self retreat will take place.

Tranquility, serenity and uplifting energy is the hallmark of the atmosphere here. 

Located in the mountains of Umbria, it is close to Assisi, home of St. Francis of Assisi. Here you'll find magnificent vistas and absolutely gorgeous views over valleys and mountains, while paths and trails meanders through olive groves, fruit orchards, herbal fields and wild meadows. 

The center itself consists of several old farmhouses that have been converted into Zen-like guest rooms with private baths, dining room and a comfortable and open teaching room. 

Terraces, swimming pool and several outdoor seating areas makes this the perfect place to not only rejuvenate but also to embrace the truest, most beautiful you.

Several times throughout the week, we'll take advantage of nature's presence when we are outside beneath towering oak trees participating in powerful healing ceremonies or Goddess bathing in the Enchanted Forrest stream.


"I suffered from a lot of inner fear and had great difficulties finding and analyzing my feelings; for a long time I thougt I hardly had any feelings at all, just the feeling of not knowing what I wanted or felt. I was always analysing what other people where thinking and what they liked, being the people pleaser. I was a perfectionist and had a very low self-esteem. I had a great need to be in control of things and people around. Now I have a lesser need to interfere and control people. Now I can calmly stand in my power. I can sense that the fear is going away. I can better see what in the relationship with others was not good and how it spoiled the trust and love. Now I set boundaries. I learned to respect myself and love myself even though my behavior was not perfect. My husband is talking to me differently, and I am talking to him differently, not blaming him. There is more love in the relationship. I have been searching for a long time and taken several courses in my search and been to psychotherapy -- I never dreamed of a course would exist that could make such a profound transformation in my life." (L.)


"Right after the first weekend things started to happen, emotions rose and sometimes thoughts ran through my mind like a whirlwind and I couldn't stop them. But that felt ok, I felt alive for the first time in many years. People started treating me differently. I have also changed my lifestyle and my attitude towards many things in life and that's very rewarding. My sons have also begun changing because I'm treating them differently. They are more balanced emotionally and we have more joyful moments. I can also use what I'm learning in my work. It's like I can see the perspective more clearly and I'm more professional at work. I'm still amazed how fast things started to go my way and my life to change into what I hoped for, after I joined this course. It's a lot of hard work, but it sets you free. You suddenly realize that you've been in a cage for God knows how long and you start to break free and that's a wonderful experience and a wonderful feeling. This course has been exactly what I wanted it to be and more!" (Sif)


“After having worked with you Gitte I have a much easier time creating my life; life is so much more fun and easy after this program. I trust myself like I never have before and I am no longer afraid of speaking my truth and of being myself. I have my feet planted firmly on the ground now and have a clarity of mind I never thought possible. I respect my own feelings and the feelings of others much more now. I also feel energised when taking the next step in my life and have come to see appreciate all the good things that my sensitivity brings to me and my life. I would not have missed this workshop and program. It has led me to a great place in my life.” (Sara)



“Joan has made an enormously positive effect on my life! Her expertise, experience, intuition, touch, and presence have greatly reduced my chronic physical and emotional pain. Joan's Rubenfeld Synergy approach helps me learn how to truly listen to the wisdom in my body and decide how to respond to it, and this facilitates a healing that is so profound I would not believe it if I had not experienced it.” (S.S.)


“Our journey together has given me access to a heart-filled spiral well. Thank you for adding the spark that often ignites the fuel I draw from this well. Your presence is truly a treasure to me.” (G.M.)


“Joan is an electrifying and compassionate presence. Her rituals are skillfully planned and executed to lead us into a deep engaged relationship with the mystery of the soul and with action in the world. She knows how to move the energy of the group as a whole. She knows what word or suggestion or action each of us needs as an individual to open more fully to healing and the divine. She knows how to bring each one of us into connection — with the others in the group, with the others in our lives, with the world." (Y. A.)


“Joan created and hosted a beautiful 45th birthday ritual for me and ten of my dear women friends, ranging from their 30’s to their 60’s. We invited participants to live into the question, "If you made creativity and sexuality a priority, how would it change your life?" During our planning meeting, I was struck by Joan's depth of wisdom about crafting ritual and her joyous, generous spirit, as she helped me to bring focus to my vision. I particularly loved the pre-ritual, when Joan and I prepared the room prior to the arrival of the guests, got centered, and, with humor, cleared our worries and insecurities. I was then ready to joyfully greet each of my friends as she entered our ritual space, brushing her with a bundle of sage I had picked from my garden. The ritual itself was “high play”, including powerful moments such as dancing in front of a full-size mirror, one at a time, witnessing ourselves as beloved. Joan also lovingly and skillfully guided us through a process of giving voice to the dark places that get in the way of the flow of our spirits. The ritual was an infusion of love and courage, and I am curious to see how I will open in new ways to my creativity and sexuality.” (MBK)


August 31 - September 7, 2019

Limited to 6 participants to ensure an intimate atmosphere and that you receive abundant attention.

Your investment for this magical experience: only $3997

Retreat tuition includes accommodation in double rooms, all meals at Terra Selvatica, all activities at Terra Selvatica, transport from/to Perugia airport or trainstation, and transport to/from Assisi.

Payment plans available, please send me an email for information

Don't wait until there is no spot left for you on this magical retreat: Ensure your spot with a deposit of $700 before May 17

“On the weekend, I felt it very ease and safe and I got a lot of information that I could use and experience that helped me to think about my feelings and look inside. I learned to trust myself, the others and God. Love is state of being and I felt it was very good to have to go through that experience, TO BE, wait with, listen to my feelings and to deal with all that came up. It was just like a river, more relaxed and more as I think it is natural to human beings.” (Maria)

"I used to feel I was betraying myself, not giving myself the time and energy I needed to follow my Dream, always holding myself back. I was frustrated about not knowing exactly what I had to do. And those things I did know to do I never did, because I didn’t have the courage to leave my comfort zone, which I was very stuck in. I’ve been learning this last year that I can survive, even thrive, outside it. Which is good, because wanting to make my Dream come true requires me to spend a lot of time outside my comfort zone." (Ragga G.) 


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Save $1000

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