School of Sacred Success

6 months to (re)code yourself for success and master the energetics

Success comes FROM you, not TO you.


All over the world, the feminine power is awakening, emerging, rising like phoenix from the ashes. 

Shattering the old paradigms of success along the way. 

You know you can create your own success. 

By vibrating success into the cosmos, when success has (re-)become your natural state of being

By (re)coding yourself for success

By mastering the energetics of success.



How do you know this is the right place for you?

  • If your Soul's Work is calling you, or you've already taken the leap but are experiencing limited success
  • If you want to develop your spiritual gifts and bring them into the world even stronger
  • If you are sick and tired of business coaches and gurus but still want to grow your business
  • If Law of Attraction doesn't seem to bring you results
  • If you are tired of doing it alone
  • Having been taught "the approved" way to success only to find it doesn't work for you  
  • If you want to unlock the magic inside of you that you know is there but no one else can see it and you really need to set it free because that's who you really are and you'll never feel really authentic if you don't
  • If you desire an enchanted life of ever increasing success

In The School of Sacred Success you'll shed the cloak of false limitations that you've been told are real. 

Your success is...

SACRED - because it's incontrovertibly intertwined with your spiritual journey and your Soul's Work.

ALCHEMICAL - because your journey to success is profoundly transformational and will turn everything upside-down and inside-out and in the process turn your lead into your gold

MAGNIFICENT - because it's asking you to stand forth in your true powerful glory, boldly pronouncing your genius, gifts and value to the world.

SOVEREIGN - because this kind of success is based in valuing yourself highly, refusing to settle for anything less than the best life has to offer and being willing to do what it takes.

Let success become your natural state of being.

"In just a month of being in the School of Sacred Success, I stopped having to chase down payments owed me and instead had clients wanting to pay me up front for a VIP package. I'm also starting an online detox course and registrations are rolling in."  

S. I. Helgadóttir 

I'll give in-depth, advanced and multidimensional teachings on:




CHAKRAS - each chakra plays an important role of success

FEMININE - desires, decrees & receives

MASCULINE - provides, protects & pampers

INTENT - manifests your creation energetically

WILL - gives it physical form

YOUR SOUL - the energetic vibration of you

CODEPENDENCE - whom again are you living your life for?

SHADOW ALCHEMY - transmute victim consciousness to power consciousness

COURAGE - magic and more success is always outside your comfort zone

SELF-AUTHORIZING - because you're the ultimate authority over your life and nothing and no one has power over you

TEFCAS - to stubbornly persist until you get the result you want

BOLD - success today comes from being authentic and real rather than perfect and nice

FIERCE & FEROCIOUS - you create success by fiercely and ferociously taking a stand and speaking your truth and sharing your truth

LEAPS OF FAITH - your mind is limited to recreating a version of the past and to truly create a new future you'll have to take leaps of faith as directed by your Soul.


"The best two months in many years."

A. T.

"From 3-4 clients a week to 24."

S. H.

"Selling 9 paintings after years of never selling."

H. L.

Who is it for?

Women claiming their full power

You've been on a path of deep healing and transformation, a road toward claiming your full power, of growing into your highest potential and claim yourself as a glorious woman.

This is the next step for you, alchemizing into a BEING of success.

Then, effortless abundance arrives.

Women called to do their Soul's Work

You can feel your Soul calling you to do more meaningful work. 

Maybe you've already started on that path, maybe you are just about to take your very first step.

Either way, you are done living life according to other people. 

You are done being the nice girl and playing small.

Women tired of shallow success 

While wanting success, what you see out there seems promising but also kind of... shallow? Too focused on only money? Too masculine? Too smooth? Too wrong for you?

The School of Sacred Success is a place where the ultimate measure of success is how well what you're creating is aligned with your Soul.

"From zero clients in ages to 6 in 2 weeks after less than two months in this school."  

C. B. 

What you'll get


We'll have a weekly group call for the first 3 weeks of each month. 

We'll discuss the homework and what we learned from it.

I'll take you through exercises to transform you into a woman who exudes success.

I'll teach new material.


In each class I'll assign the next homework. You're expected to complete and share it in our facebook group unless I instruct you otherwise. 

Additionally, you'll participate in daily accountability regarding what action you'll take to become a being of success.


Sacred Success is a spiritual journey of personal transformation and empowerment and of coming into your full sovereignty as Creator.

You'll make yourself into an energetic match for your dream life so you magnetize its manifestation.

The Treasury Archives

You'll also get full access to the Treasury Archives, which contains all my online programs and courses, workbooks and ebooks with a combined value of more than €1000, including but not limited to:

Magnificent Success Masterclass

Heal Your Money Wounds

Intuition Master

Conquer Your Codependence

Boundaries Mastery

Skyrocket Your Self-Love  

Magnificent 2019 workbook

"I knew that you were very spiritual and that you would see what I was feeling from that angle, which I was missing." C. M. S. F.

"With her power of observation and connection to the magic realm (that’s what it felt like at the time), Gitte was able to help me understand what my Soul really wants to do." Elisa Simone

"In a very short time Gitte was able to tease apart a very precise and powerful picture of my Soul's Work that elicited wave after wave of goosebumps in me - indications that my Spirit was on board and wanting me to pay attention!" Daria Howell

Why choose The School of Sacred Success?

I'm Gitte and I've studied the philosophy, psychology and energetics of success since 1992. I've studied personal transformation even longer. True success-as-a-state-of-being results from a combination of inner alchemy (not mindset work) and energetically aligned actions. 

All the success teachings out there, including Law of Attraction, only gives you a part of the picture (if not a distorted) of sovereign success. In this school you'll get the whole picture and learn exactly how to succeed.

To learn true sovereign and sacred success, the kind you know exists but have never been able to find, join the The School of Sacred Success today.

Read more about Gitte here.

Your Investment

ONLY $2500 and 6 months to learn how to create success on demand.

Payment plan available.

Amazingly, clients are showing up more and more even without me advertising what I do."  

"I’m a medium and channel and nothing gives me more pleasure than serving as a channel for messages from the Light to other people. Before I joined Gitte's mastermind group I would think and talk about making this my work but I never actually did anything to make it happen. I felt frustrated, watching how I consistently sabotaged myself and let myself down. I let self-doubts and fears stop me.  

I started making my dream come true with Gitte’s encouragement and guidance. I started seeing results and I began to believe it was possible to actually make a living on doing what I love to do most. I surrendered to taking action, step by step. I realized that when I said I would do something to my fellow mastermind members, then I would actually do it, because I did not want to show up at our next meeting having not done it.  

Amazingly, clients are showing up more and more even without me advertising what I do."  

Inga Thengillsdottir,

© Gitte Lassen 2019