Wild Earth Freedom Detox


  • Get your glow back?
  • Feel the zest for life again?
  • Feel clear, calm & confident?


  • Burned out 
  • Exhausted
  • In need of a break

... OR YOU ARE  

  • Feeling lost
  • Stuck in a rut


  • Self-love
  • Self-care
  • Self-nurture

Cleanse your body with healing foods so you can feel vibrantly and exuberantly alive instead of exhausted and drained. 

It's time to put yourself first.

Rejuvenate your body with yoga and deep rest so you can finally be free of the stress that haunts you instead of wearing yourself down little by little.

Feel vibrantly alive again.

Cleanse your mind with education, personal feedback and sharing circles, so you can experience calm and clarity instead of feeling confused and mentally overwhelmed.  

Sometimes you just need to take really good care of yourself.

Rejuvenate your mind with meditation and nature, so you can get your spark and mojo back instead of just getting through each day. 

Nourish your body and soul - you deserve it!

Here's what you'll get:

Healing Foods

Terra Selvatica is not only a retreat center but an organic farm.

  • Based on the School of Health Mastery's healing diets menu
  • Detox and regeneration of your body
  • All meals made with freshly harvested vegetables and fruits
  • Vegan dinners
  • Raw food breakfast and lunch
  • Morning super juice shot
  • Daily green smoothies
  • Herbal tea from fresh herbs picked on the farm
  • 3 daily meals
  • Snacks between meals
  • All meals made with so much love and light that each made becomes utterly delicious.

Yoga & Daily Walks

Daily yoga and walks are tailored to be lovingly nurturing of your body. A small group makes is possible for you to receive abundant personal attention.

  • Morning Yoga - your body loves to do yoga. The gentle stretches aside, numerous studies have validated an extraordinary range of physical and mental health benefits of yoga. Daily yoga for a week migh be just the boost you need for making it an integral part of your everyday life.
  • Daily Walks - Terra Selvatica is located in the beautiful hills of Italy with paths overlooking amazing views, vineyards an olive groves and into enchanted forests.
  • Rest - one of the the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves is to just rest and do nothing. We are human beings not human doings, after all, and too often we forget that.
  • Silence & solitude - silence and solitude allow you to come back to yourself

Meditation & Inspiration

It is not enough to nurture and rejuvenate your body because we are mental and emotional beings as much as we are physial beings. Happiness starts in the mind.

  • Morning meditation - meditating the first thing in the mornings... there is no better way to start the day.
  • Evening meditation - just like morning meditation is one of the best ways to start the day, so is evening meditation one of the best ways to ensure a good nights sleep and lovely sweet dreams.
  • Daily Heart Circle - to speak from your heart, to be heard without judgment, to be loved, to be valued and appreciated for exactly who you are.
  • Life Skills sessions - nowhere is there a class in essential life skills. Instead we are left to muddle trough life on our own, with far too many of us having only self-sabotaging skills like perfectionism and people-pleasing and putting ourselves last. In daily sessions we will explore what self- and life-supportive skills are and how you can implement them in your own life.

Gitte Lassen

Gitte Lassen, the Positive Power Pilgrim, helps Highly Sensitive People unlock the gift of their High Sensitivity and transform from being painfully sensitive to being powerfully sensitive. Gently, with crystal clarity, she guides her clients to heal the reasons the gifts became squashed and then to embrace their gifts. Gitte has led healing and transformational workshops and retreats for for more than 20 years. She co-founder with Lilja Oddsdóttir of the School of Health Mastery.  

Shaktiprem Blaschke

Shaktiprem Blaschke has been a passionate student and advocate of yoga since 1988 and has shared her experience of yoga's life-changing benefits to people in many countries. Shaktiprem discovered the discipline while studying pharmacy and, after an intensive eight year study program, gained her yoga teaching credentials in 1996. Since then, Shaktiprem has taught yoga in Germany, Italy, India, and in Australia in the only government-recognised yoga academy.

Terra Selvatica

Agriturismo Terra Selvatica is where the retreat will be held. It is located in the mountains for Umbria, close to Assisi, home of St Francis of Assisi. Here you'll find magnificent vistas and beautiful views over valleys, mountains and olive groves. The center itself consists of several old farmhouses that have been converted into guest rooms, a restaurant and a teaching room. Terraces, swimming pool and open countryside makes this an ideal place for body-mind-spirit healthy and healin retreats.



"I suffered from a lot of inner fear. I was always analysing what other people where thinking and what they liked, being the people pleaser. I was a perfectionist and had a very low self-esteem. Now I can calmly stand in my power. I can sense that the fear is going away. I can better see what in the relationship with others was not good and how it spoiled the trust and love. Now I set boundaries. I learned to respect myself and love myself even though my behavior was not perfect. I have been searching for a long time and taken several courses in my search and been to psychotherapy -- I never dreamed of a course would exist that could make such a profound transformation in my life." (Lilja)

"It is without any hesitation that I recommend Gitte’s seminars. I started by attending a weekend seminar and was so impressed that I signed up for a three month seminar. It is not possible to compare the way I feel now with how it was before. Today I’m finally happy and at peace with my self. The seminars not only helped me but also my family. Gitte’s holistic way of combining different methods of therapy created an experience that I will never forget. This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself." (Ragnh.)

“I attended Shaktiprem ’s wonderful yoga weekend retreat at Binna Burra (Lamington National Park) with a small group of great people in November 2013. The weekend retreat gave me a greater appreciation of the yoga discipline. Shaktiprem made sure it was at each person’s level and thanks to her I am trying to include some of the practices in my daily life. The program was very well balanced – yoga, meditation, experiencing nature on bush walks and bird watching as well as great healthy yummy shared meals in this magic location. I came away feeling wonderful, invigorated and somewhat peaceful.” (Jennifer)

I experienced the richness of simplicity that was in the location and the Yoga program. I hadn't done much Yoga before, and found Shaktiprem's teaching so enlivening and centring at the same time. I now have great practices to integrate in my daily life and know that it only takes a few little steps to start making big shifts in my life. Thanks Shaktiprem." (Ella K)

OCTOBER 21-28, 2017

Limited to 12 participants to ensure an intimate atmosphere and that you receive abundant personal attention.

Your fee for this magical experience: only €1997

Retreat tuition includes accommodation in single (first come), double or triple rooms, food and drinks at Terra Selvatica, all activities at Terra Selvatica, as well as transport from/to Perugia airport or trainstation.

Don't wait until there is no spot left for you:

Ensure your spot with a deposit of €500

Need more information? Send an email to gitte@gittelassen.com.

© Gitte Lassen & Shaktiprem Blaschke 2017